In 2003, three energetic women decided to open a catering business in the small community of Conway, Missouri.  The plan was to start catering, then open a bakery and finally a tea room.

The first order of business was coming up with a catchy name.  We wanted a name that would be very recognizable.  So while one of the women was watching a cooking show on TV, an idea began to form.  The idea was brought to and accepted by all three women.  There were many jokes and laughter at our name but we stuck with it.  Since then, Three Fat Ladies Catering has become a household name in and around the Conway area. 

We started our small catering business in a one car garage with items we brought from home.  We purchased used equipment with money we received from small caterings and several items were donated to us from friends and relatives.  After just a short time, one of the women decided that this was not for her, so we were down to two Fat Ladies.

After a year at this location, we knew that we needed some place larger and more accessible to the public.  An old building came up for auction in downtown Conway.  It was purchased and the work began.  The building was built in 1880.  It is an old two story  brick structure next to the Conway Senior Center. 

Little is really known about the building, but from talking to some of the local people, we found that the front part of the downstairs has been a hardware store, a cafe, a library, a barber shop and an antique store.  The back part of the downstairs was the local pool hall and later a meeting room.  The upstairs has been a silent movie theater and held plays by traveling groups of actors.  It has not been used for years, except for storage. 

The building was in a state of disrepair.  Very little electrical outlets, no hot water, no heat or air conditioning, holes in the floors and ceilings and a leaky roof to name a few.  Lots of hard work and long hours has brought the building closer to it's former beauty.  There is still the upstairs to tackle but future plans include restoring it and opening it up for use by larger groups than can not be held by the tea room itself. 

In May 2007, the second fat lady retired.  The business is now owned by the last fat lady, Connie Frost.  Connie's domain is the kitchen but she enjoys coming out to chat with her guests whenever she can.  She is helped by her family and friends.

Friday Night Dinners have been added with a different food theme every Friday night.
A Pizza Buffet has been added on Sundays from 12 to 2.  Homemade pizzas and pastas plus a loaded salad bar are available.

Due to increased catering schedule and cake orders the Tea Room that was open on Thursday and Friday for lunch closed. We will miss our customers but hope you all will come by on Friday night or Sunday to see us.

In 11 years, Three Fat Ladies Catering has become a very successful endeavor with plans to continue providing Conway and surrounding areas with great food, great atmosphere and great service.  We hope to continue growing and expanding for many years to come. 

The Three Fat Ladies Story